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Medical Aids & Appliances
Mobility and health are essential for achieving total rehabilitation. The patients who come to V-one are advised medical checkup at Sayaji General Hospital or Jamnabai Hospital where Doctors diagnose their problems and prescribe treatment including appropriate aids & appliances. V-One Society procures these aids and appliances from Govt. Approved Companies of repute.
In 1983, the Ministry of Welfare, Delhi started giving a yearly grant for purchasing and fitting of these aids. They include calipers, braces of different kinds, crutches, corrective shoes, wheel chairs and tricycles and hearing aids for hearing impaired and walking sticks, goggles, tape recorder for the blind.
V-One Society gives from its own funds, aids, medicines and financial help which do not come under the Government purview.
Registration During Camp Recipients Of Aids &  Appliances at
  V-One received Godfrey Philips Bravery Award,
Silver Medal in the category for
Social Acts of Courage in January, 2008.